Land Use

LWVPA supports more comprehensive statewide land use planning and adoption of a comprehensive land use policy; support a comprehensive program for the preservation of agricultural and open space lands for Pennsylvania; promote environmentally sound agricultural practices in Pennsylvania.

LWVPA Position on Land Use


LWVUS Position on Land Use

Promote policies that manage land as a finite resource and that incorporate principles of stewardship.

LWVUS Position on Agricultural policy

Promote adequate supplies of food and fiber at reasonable prices to consumers and support economically viable farms, environmentally sound farm practices, and increased reliance on the free market.

LWVUS Position on Federal Agricultural policies

Provide financial support to subsidize agriculture in specific instances, enforce federal antitrust laws to ensure competitive agricultural markets, and apply clean air and water regulations to all animal and aquaculture production. The federal government should fund basic agricultural research to provide adequate safety of our food supply.