LWVPA supports voting reform package; applauds commitment to modernizing PA's Election Code

For Immediate Release – October 25, 2019

Contact: Jill Greene (717) 234-1576




(Harrisburg, PA) October 25, 2019 - The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania supports Senate Bill 421, a sweeping election reform package that addresses many of the election-related concerns that have plagued Pennsylvania for decades.

LWVPA applauds the bipartisan effort to pass common sense reforms to strengthen and modernize Pennsylvania’s elections. “For far too long, Pennsylvania has languished under an archaic election code,” Jill Greene, Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania said. “It’s encouraging to see our legislators taking positive steps to bring our elections into the twenty-first century.”

Many of the reforms proposed in the legislation are long overdue. “Pennsylvania currently makes it very difficult to vote,” Greene said. “Giving voters more time and more options, and making the process more convenient will encourage more citizens to exercise the most important right they have.”

In addition to shortening the voter registration deadline from 30 days to 15 days before an election, providing for no-excuse voting by mail, and extending the absentee ballot deadlines, SB421 also provides much needed funds for new voting machines and for census outreach. LWVPA supported the replacement of Pennsylvania’s outdated voting machines with hand-marked paper ballots, and we are glad to see the legislature providing some of the help the counties will need to secure their voting systems.

LWVPA is also a member of the Governor’s Census 2020 Complete Count Commission, and we are proud of the Commission’s efforts to secure funding for outreach to ensure that all Pennsylvania residents are counted. Census data not only determines how many representatives Pennsylvania will have in Congress, it is used to determine funding for many essential programs in education, transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, services to the elderly, and services to the poor.

With an upcoming election that promises to be historic in scope, and a critically important Census count beginning next spring, this reform package comes not a moment too soon. LWVPA urges residents to contact their legislators and express their support for SB421.

For more information on LWVPA’s positions, visit www.palwv.org


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