Representative Government


Our Positions in Brief

Apportionment & Redistricting
LWVPA supports apportionment and redistricting based substantially on population of all voting districts, with additional consideration given to compact and contiguous territory and with respect given to municipal boundaries.

Election Laws
LWVPA supports effective election laws and uniform procedures.

Governmental Authorities
LWVPA supports measures to ensure that governmental authorities act in the public interest, that the powers of authorities are clearly defined, and that authorities are established only when the authority structure enhances the ability to provide a public service.

Initiative & Referendum
LWVPA supports adoption of popular initiative and referendum in Pennsylvania, with initiative permitted for both statutes and constitutional amendments.

LWVPA supports an efficient unified court system and a responsible, ethical judiciary that is free from political influence.

LWVPA supports improvements to the structure and practices of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Municipal Government
LWVPA supports measures that enable local governments to operate more effectively.