Where We Stand - LWVPA’s Positions on the Issues

The League adopts and acts on positions through a five step process:

  1. Observe a problem;

  2. Study a problem and discuss all sides of an issue;

  3. Reach member consensus on what needs to be done followed by the board officially adopting a position;

  4. Take action, which can include public information meetings, letters, phone calls and meeting with those making decisions about an issue;

  5. Litigate if all else fails and citizens’ rights have been severely harmed.

“Where We Stand” is the official policy position of LWVPA. Click here to discover more.


Social Policy

LWVPA takes positions on social policies like criminal justice, education, healthcare, and women’s reproductive rights.


Natural Resources

Find out about our work to protect clean water and clean air, regulate fracking and pipelines, and more.


Representative Government

LWVPA has been at the forefront of voting reforms, election security, and government accountability in Pennsylvania.