Position in Brief:

Oppose the legalization of additional forms of gambling in Pennsylvania.

LWVPA Position on Gambling

Background on Gambling:

After a one-year statewide study, consensus was reached in 1984 that LWVPA oppose any expansion of legalized gambling in the Commonwealth. In order to be able to comment on specific legislation, members also agreed that any bills to legalize additional forms of gambling must contain certain safeguards (see “Position in Detail”).

Current Status

After a decade of active lobbying for the expansion of gambling in Pennsylvania and the election of a Governor who strongly supported expanding gambling in Pennsylvania, legislation was passed and signed by the Governor in July, 2004 which permits a total of 61,000 slot machines in Pennsylvania in free standing casinos, slot machines at racetracks, and casinos run by existing resorts. Currently, if fully realized, this legislation would permit more slot machines in Pennsylvania than any other state except Nevada. Revised,

June 28, 2007

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