Social Policy

Our Positions in Brief

Criminal Justice  

LWVPA supports an effective, efficient, data-driven system that is fair to all and that treats everyone with dignity, guaranteeing constitutional rights to all regardless of community or economic status, and facilitating successful reentry to society of former inmates.  


LWVPA supports equal access to quality public education, to be achieved by participation of government and citizens at all levels and by adequate financing based on an equitable and flexible tax system.

Child Health and Welfare & Juvenile Justice

LWVPA supports promoting the health and welfare of children and youth and supports legal procedures, programs and facilities that enable Pennsylvania agencies and communities to meet the needs of children in the juvenile justice and child welfare system.

Family Issues & Laws

LWVPA supports gender neutral and equitable laws in marriage, divorce, property, child custody, and child support in Pennsylvania.

Fiscal Policy

LWVPA supports an equitable and flexible tax system for state and local government in Pennsylvania.

Collective Bargaining

LWVPA supports collective bargaining in the public sector that maintains the balance between the rights and obligations of employees and employers, with the goal of providing citizens with essential public services.


LWVPA opposes the legalization of additional forms of gambling in Pennsylvania.


LWVPA supports promoting energy-efficient and environmentally sound transportation systems that afford access to housing and jobs, relieve congestion and enhance the quality of life in communities of all sizes and supports predictable public funding that enables fiscally stable transportation systems to provide consistent levels of service.