Position in Brief

LWVPA supports the maximum protection of public health and the environment in all aspects of Marcellus Shale natural gas transmission operations through improved siting, regulation, inspection, and enforcement that is transparent and responsive to stakeholder input.

LWVPA Position on Pipelines

LWVPA developed its position on pipelines through the Marcellus Shale study conducted in 2009. Listed below are materials relevant to the specific topic of pipelines.

Marcellus Shale study addenda:

Transmission of Natural Gas from Marcellus Shale

Pipeline Regulation

Pipeline Legislation and Ordinances

Pipeline Inspection and Enforcement

Other Research

Pipelines in Pennsylvania: A Case Study of Lycoming County

Natural Gas Pipelines in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania: Technical Index

Knowing and Protecting Your Rights When an Interstate Gas Pipeline Comes to Your Community

Landowner’s Guide to Pipelines

Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA) Final Report of Recommended Practices

Report to the General Assembly on Pipeline Placement of Natural Gas Gathering Lines

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