Water Resources

Position in Brief

LWVPA supports measures to reduce pollution in order to protect surface water, groundwater, and drinking water.

LWVPA Great Lakes Concurrence

LWVUS Statement on Water Resources:

The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that natural resources should be managed as interrelated parts of life-supporting ecosystems. Resources should be conserved and protected to assure their future availability. Pollution of these resources should be controlled in order to preserve the physical, chemical and biological integrity of ecosystems and to protect public health.

Water Resources Education Network (WREN)

The Water Resources Education Network (WREN) was a project of the Citizen Education Fund of the League of Women Voters of PA. WREN worked to help communities across Pennsylvania protect and improve our most precious natural resource, our water. The WREN Network was a nonpartisan informal collaboration of organizations and public officials working for the protection and management of Pennsylvania’s water resources, both surface and ground water, through community education and informed policy-making. WREN believes the key to effective management and protection of water resources in Pennsylvania is local action.

Though the project officially ended in 2014, the WREN website continues to be a valuable resource for Pennsylvanians interested in protecting Pennsylvania’s water resources.

Water Resources Education Network